Debits & Credits Accounting & Bookkeeping in support of Rainbows Gala 2016

Debits & Credits Accounting & Bookkeeping was pleased to be a part of the 2016 Rainbows Gala in which EVERY PENNY raised at this event was used for Rainbows for All Children Canada-the largest non-profit organization committed to helping children and teen grieve and grow after loss. (  The Gala took place on May 14th at the Tangle Creek Golf and Country Club.

Rainbows forms partnerships with schools, faith communities and social services agencies so they may establish grief support groups and help vulnerable children. Rainbows builds the confidence and self-esteem of hurting children, improves communications, prevents destructive behaviours, and improves academic performance.  (Mission Statement:

The Gala was started around 5 years ago to raise money and awareness to give back to the community for this great cause.   Renee Galloway, owner of Debits and Credits, attended the event citing “the gala is something that makes a real difference.  It turns society around and every penny counts.”

The Gala event raised over $34,000 that will go towards helping over 1000 kids go through the program with no cost according to Jackie Ramler, the event coordinator of the event.

Debit & Credits supports Rainbows for All Children Canada and encourages those who wish to make a contribution to Rainbows by doing the following:


Volunteer opportunities are available….  Rainbows For All Children Canada would like you to join our team with Golf Tournaments, Special Events or office assistance”.  Contact details below.

Rainbows Facilitator:  Contact your local Rainbows Site to find out how you can be trained to become a volunteer Rainbows Facilitator in your community.

Board Member:  Rainbows Governing Board (lawyers, financial advisors or business members with local connections to the community. For more information contact Rainbows Canada and speak with the National Director.


Office help: National Office in Barrie:  filing and office support


If you wish to donate your time please contact the Rainbows For All Children at 705-726-7407 or 1-877-403-2733.

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